This Is What Societal Suicide Looks Like

Italians are enacting their own economic “boycott”, with citizens in Naples burning their energy bills and refusing to pay them.

To quote a regular reader here:

So Europe is committing economic suicide via their sanctions on Russia.

And China is committing economic suicide via Zero Covid.

Interesting times...

Regardless of the reason why Neopolitans are protesting their energy bills, refusing to pay for a service delivered shreds the very basis for any marketplace.

At same time, it is an unjust and unfair implicit tax on people to unilaterally cut off a needed resource and then demand they foot the bill for the shortage.

How can any society hope to endure when everyone arbitrarily rewrites the rules governing the notionally free exchange of goods and services?

How can anyone hope for a good ending when everyone is pushing anarchy and chaos?

“Interesting times” indeed…