What Is All Facts Matter?

All Facts Matter is devoted to a simple proposition: Facts, evidence, and data are the best weapons against propaganda.

Today's media—both mainstream as well alternative outlets—is a toxic stew of agenda-driven propaganda. Narratives take precedence over the actual facts, evidence, and data that are the true essence of any news story.

Facts are mis-stated.

Evidence is misrepresented.

Data is frequently missing altogether.

Rather than inform, today's media is designed to indoctrinate, delude, confound, and confuse.

This is wrong.

The goal of All Facts Matter is to tilt landscape back in favor of honest of the facts and relevant evidence. Here I present what others choose to ignore, and highlight alternative contexts and nuances.

Where the media presents propaganda, I strive to provide information.

My goal is not to tell you what to think, but to give you plenty about which to think.

Contrarian Analysis

I frequently and quite deliberately present material from a contrarian perspective. Where the media asserts one narrative, I often challenge and seek to disprove or rebut it. Recognizing the purpose of narrative is primarily to organize the facts, each article seeks to challenge prevailing media narratives. In this fashion, I hope to call attention to the facts and evidences the original stories overlook or misrepresent.

My goal is not to “be right”, but to ensure that a more complete presentation of all relevant information is available. When people are given all the information regarding a topic, they are in the best position to form opinions and make choices regarding that topic. The fully informed individual is in the best possible position to make good decisions for his or her own daily life.

Primary Sources

Wherever possible, I use primary source materials to establish the relevant facts. Where scientific research is involved, the actual research studies are referenced, with footnotes at the bottom of each article in MLA format. Where quotes from individuals are relevant, links to source media are used if available (e.g., video snippets from Twitter or YouTube). Actual source documents--most of which are available in the public domain with a bit of research--are given precedence over news summaries and discussions of those documents (i.e., “secondary sources”).

This is not to discount those secondary sources. News is ultimately history unfolding, and so various news accounts in both mainstream and alternative media are frequently the best sources of contemporaneous facts. When presenting divergent and alternative contexts for news stories, these sources become essential.

In all cases, the goal is to present fact-based and reasoned arguments, to spur further thought, research, and pursuit of facts. The facts ARE out there—we merely need to go get them.

To preserve the integrity and accuracy of materials cited, I frequently archive source materials first, using one or more of the Internet archiving sites, and link to the archived materials. If the underlying materials are then subsequently edited and changed, such revisions will not impact the integrity of All Facts Matter.

Independent Commentary

The news is more than just a dry recitation of facts and figures. While facts, evidence, and data supply the “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “When”, and “How” of a story, opinion and commentary supplies the “Why”.

Recognizing the importance of the “Why” in any news story, these articles are my own personal take on a story or situation. Again, the goal is not to indoctrinate and instruct on proper thinking, but to inspire independent thought about the world in which we live.

For these same reasons, I welcome comments and opinions on every article. Please tell me where I get it right, where I might have it wrong, or what additional information I might have overlooked. Ask questions if there is something that needs clarification. My hope on every article is that we may have a vigorous and informed discussion.

My one rule on discussion threads is simply to treat everyone with basic respect and common decency. Disagreements are welcome. Being disagreeable is not.

Honesty Above All

I am human. I am going to make mistakes. I am going to misread, misinterpret, and misunderstand things.

I will make mistakes, and I will correct those mistakes—and do so honestly and openly. Whether there is a need to substantively revise an article in light of new additional information, changes will be fully disclosed, either by documenting revisions to articles already published or by presenting additional follow-up research clarifying and correcting previous materials.

Note: I am always striving to find the best way to present corrections and revisions to articles, so there will be some variance in how those are presented.

I will make mistakes, but they will be honest mistakes.

Thank You For Your Support

This project takes in no advertising dollars, nor any other financial support save the generous subscriptions and tips through Ko-Fi from you, the readers. Your support of this project helps make the research and analysis that goes into each and every posting possible. For that support, I thank each and every one of you.

Come, let us learn together.

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Facts, evidence, and data are the best weapons against propaganda.


Peter Nayland Kust
As both a Cost Accountant and a Voice and Data Network Engineer, Peter Nayland Kust has spent thirty years working with facts and figures of all kinds and now brings that experience to news commentary and analysis as the publisher of All Facts Matter