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is that part of my ministry devoted to a simple proposition: Facts, evidence, and data are the best weapons against propaganda.

Today's media is a toxic stew of agenda-driven propaganda. Narratives take precedence over the actual facts, evidence, and data that are the true essence of any news story. Watch any news show, or browse any news site, and you will quickly find the following:

  • Facts are mis-stated.

  • Evidence is misrepresented.

  • Data is frequently missing altogether.

  • Ideology is presented as information.

Rather than inform, today's media is designed to indoctrinate, delude, confound, and confuse.

Rather than bring people together in community, today’s media strives to separate, segregate, and divide.

Simply put, this is wrong. Media is capable of so much more than this. You deserve better than this.

The goal of

is push back against the propaganda and the ideology. has grown into the “data” side of my ministry, The Houses Of Refuge Project. Alongside my other Substack, , here I present fact-based arguments for more community, more respect, more compassion, and more healing.

Here I present what others choose to ignore.

Where the media presents propaganda, I strive to provide information.

My goal is not to tell you what to think, but to give you plenty about which to think.

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nor accepts any advertising dollars, or any corporate sponsorships. The only financial support my Substacks generate for The Houses Of Refuge Project comes from the generosity of my readers, either though subscriptions to or though donations to The Houses Of Refuge Project.

All subscribers and donors will always receive my eternal gratitude and appreciation.

A month-to-month subscription currently costs $7. An annual subscription nets a discount to $70 for the entire year. All proceeds go directly to The Houses Of Refuge Project.

Donations are for whatever amounts are comfortable for donors. Donations may be made on a one-time or recurring basis, as the donor prefers.

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Please Comment

All subscribers are free to comment on my articles—and are encouraged to do so. Your thoughts are every bit as important as the material I present. I welcome everyone’s commentary and feedback.

My one rule on discussion threads is simply to treat everyone with basic respect and common decency. Disagreements are welcome. Being disagreeable is not.

Being bigoted and prejudicial is especially unacceptable; all comments which contain any bigoted or anti-semitic tropes, memes, language, or images will be immediately deleted—no warnings will be given and no commentary will be attached. Hatred has no place in a discussion about what is factual and I will not tolerate it in even the slightest degree.

Honesty Above All

I am human. I am going to make mistakes. I am going to misread, misinterpret, and misunderstand things.

I will make mistakes, and I will correct those mistakes—and do so honestly and openly. Whenever there is a need to substantively revise a published article in light of new information, changes will be fully disclosed, either by documenting revisions to articles or by presenting additional follow-up research clarifying and correcting previous materials.

Note: I am always striving to find the best way to present corrections and revisions to articles, so there will be some variance in how those are presented.

I will make mistakes, but they will be honest mistakes.

Come, let us learn together.

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Facts, evidence, and data are the best weapons against propaganda.


As both a Cost Accountant and a Voice and Data Network Engineer, I have spent thirty years working with facts and figures of all kinds. Now I am using my understanding of data to effect positive societal change with The Houses Of Refuge Project