After The Violence, One Question: Why?

Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun asks the right question: why was this necessary?

While Trudeau tried to pin the online postings of a Swastika and Confederate flag on the truckers, they brought in a crane to rise the Canadian flag and sang O Canada every day. They definitely wore out their welcome while clogging up the parliamentary district of Ottawa, not wearing masks and excessively honking their horns.

But they didn’t cause violence.

So why the heavy hand in their mission to win back the city? That’s the question Ottawa Police, the Prime Minister, Premier Doug Ford and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson need to answer.

While initial reports that the woman trampled by mounted police died appear to have been mistaken, the video footage is undeniable: the woman was trampled.

The video footage of the protester being kicked after the police beat him to the ground is undeniable.

And why did the police do these things? According to those opposed to the Freedom Convoy, because of this:

Noise and pollution intruding on the lives of folks in Ottawa. For this people are to be brutalized and beaten? For this bank accounts are seized?

Does this look like terrorism?

Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford, and Jim Watson owe Canadians an explanation. Why was this fascistic police violence necessary?