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Sanya, "China's Hawaii," a city of 620,000 to 1 million+ inhabitants, depending on which source you believe. Public transport banned, draconian restrictions imposed. Tourists trapped in hell.

Another Chinese city, the commercial hub Yiwu, locked-down 3 or 4 days ago:

"Chinese city Yiwu put under partial lockdown due to rising Covid cases In view of the rising cases, officials in China's Central Zhejiang Province are imposing tighter COVID-19 curbs in Yiwu city, carrying out mass testing and are imposing movement restrictions" https://www.business-standard.com/article/international/chinese-city-yiwu-put-under-partial-lockdown-due-to-rising-covid-cases-122080700085_1.html

The vile dictator Xi Jinping follows the WEF playbook. Biden, Fidel Castro's son Trudeau, Ardern, and leading politicians of Australia, Germany, UK etc. would like to do the same.

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And the problem is not anyone can be Snake Plissken.

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China's Zero-Covid campaign reminds me of their disastrous Four Pests campaign.

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And probably the test kits; which are not made in the most hygienic conditions have many false positive kits pre loaded in them. Most of this sort of garbage; like “test” kits are also contaminated with stab/vaxxine (double “xx” for deadly) particles.

Evil just being what it has always been, Evil. Take it or leave it. What a f’d up world.

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Hmm. Probably over-thinking again: “ It is also the location of Yulin Naval Base a major military facility on the South China Sea which is home to the People's Liberation Army Navy ballistic nuclear missile fleet.” But OK its on the South coast, not East, which was my first guess.

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