Anthony "The Science" Fauci Boldly States The Obvious: COVID-19 Cases Will Rise In The Fall

He's baaaack.

Just when you thought you were done with the poster child for scientific bastardy, Anthony “The Science” Fauci steps back up to the podium with a prediction even the local weatherman could get right: COVID-19 will come back come the fall.

"I would think that we should expect that we are going to see some increase in cases as you get to the colder weather in the fall," he said.

The correct response to this amazing bit of pompous prognostication is “No sh*t, Sherlock!”.

Incidence of infectious respiratory disease rises in late fall and winter. With more people indoors, in close quarters, and with less sunshine hitting the skin, exposure to infectious respiratory pathogens rises at the same time the average person's resistance to them declines. Remember, COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory disease. SARS-CoV-2 is an endemic infectious respiratory pathogen.

What would be remarkable is if cases didn't rise.

Perhaps this will provide the impetus for a return to the traditional understanding of a “case" of infectious respiratory disease: symptoms plus a diagnostic test.

One can only hope.