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When you are ruled by global thugs and criminals, it must seem like it's okay to steal gasoline.

It must seem like it's okay to steal Go Fund Me donations.

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At some point, everyone is called to account for what they have done.

GoFundMe will face its reckoning with its customers.

So long as Trudeau and his kind hold power, the Ottawa Police might escape their reckoning, but not one day longer.

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Maybe if you subscribe to a particular Biblical paradigm.

As to real world, sordid humanity, not sure about this premise.

When do you suppose that GWB and Cheney, will be called to account for war on lies and torture?

Right now, they are rebranded allies of the "Left", Nicolle Wallace and Bill Kristol proudly sit the desk of the various "good guys" cable channels. David Frum is still out there earning a nice living doing David Frum things. Guess it was just, "complicated".

Hugo Boss, Volkswagon, BMW, Kodak, Siemens, IBM, Bayer, The Associated Press, Ford. Guess what they all had in common?

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As it happens, I do subscribe to that "Biblical" paradigm.

But I also recognize that the notion of "Left" and "Right" are overdone and largely illusory. This was something Milo Yiannapolous articulated before he managed to cancel himself: that the political paradigms had shifted from a left-right orientation to an authoritarian-libertarian one.

Until the authoritarians are undone and defeated, those responsible for the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, for the nihilism of Antifa, and for countless other atrocities will not face their reckoning in this world. And defeating the authoritarians is not a simple matter of voting Democrats out and Republicans in.

The Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, and proceeded to rubber stamp the Bush Administration's Iraq policies. They could have ended that war immediately by defunding it but they never did.

Obama doubled down on the drone strikes, and basically was more Bush than even Bush.

Trump did not end the Illegal wars, although he at least didn't start any new ones.

So long as power accretes in Washington and the other major capitals of the world, the authoritarians will not face their reckoning. Once the authoritarians lose control, the reckoning becomes unavoidable

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