I am definitely on the side that there's a lot of questionable things with respect to these vaccines, but the Ardis issue should certainly highlight that many dissenters are chasing many nothings. I do hope people realize that there is more going on than COVID and we can't just ascribe everything to either COVID or the vaccines.

Your comments about the lockdowns remind me of this article from CNN about Ba.2 being more severe among children. Unfortunately the actual science article was removed:


The science article prided Hong Kong's ability to keep death rates low by locking down and sanitizing everything. Ironically, the discussion included a little snippet saying that children may be experiencing worse symptoms because they were not exposed to seasonal coronaviruses. There's plenty to say that lockdowns and sterility have damaged many people's immune systems. I have considered that the countries who are now facing higher death rates are the countries that locked down the hardest and now are dealing with the inevitable.

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One of the immutable laws of the universe is that actions have consequences. A corollary to this is that consequences proceed from the action, not the intention.

How humans process this foundational truth is the stuff the world's great religions have contemplated for millennia.

The hubris of the world's public health "experts" has led them to forget this truth, and to believe they can outthink Mother Nature.

However, the world's store of knowledge is already sufficient to show at least some of the likely consequences of their actions. The need for young children to "program" their immune systems with exposure to a variety of endemic pathogens has been known for decades. Yet the "experts" are completely bamboozled by events like the hepatitis outbreak.

This was foreseeable. And it wasn't.

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