Is there proof anything is spreading? If they are testing for a protein has it been proven that such a protein cannot be produced any other way?

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Well, New York state is reporting an extended rising trend in cases and deaths.


According to the state's own dashboard, the Omicron subvariants are behind the rise in cases.


How accurate is the data? That remains a question.

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How can we be certain these 'cases' are not caused by a multitude of other things? Perhaps people who are ill create this protein due to a lack of something or the presence of something.

Our World in Data states there have been 67,000 deaths in NY state. I presume that is over two years which brings it to about 0.16% of the population of NY state per year. If the average death rate is 1% of a population, those numbers don't equate to a pandemic or any kind of emergency to me.

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