If Congress passed the legislation and Biden signed it, you know that they won't be investigating our own DOD!!!!!!!

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Mar 21, 2023Liked by Peter Nayland Kust

Problem is, that bill only declassifies information directly related to Wuhan.

no data from Fort Dietrich, Peter Baric's lab records, the alphabet agencies, or anywhere else... unless it has a Wuhan tag on it.

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["...to help ensure we can better prevent future pandemics,” ]

There's the story.

Anything they release will be used to scare the public into going along with all sorts of government spending on programs that will likely make things worse, and create additional adverse conditions.


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The fact it was classified to start with says it all. The virus is only part of the story. I believe it came from gain of function research and was leaked. The cover up and tyranny in multiple nations is a huge part of the story and is ongoing today. The profits big RX made is another part of the story. Dr. Fouchi was going door to door in DC lying to people on camera. He also outed his true intentions by saying Republicans are the problem, driving division. Politicizing the virus and vaccine was a massive mistake. People in multiple nations are dying on a daily basis. I read stories everyday about children and teenagers dying suddenly. I know that many deaths in America's hospitals were blamed on COVID. How many were really serious reactions from the vaccine? I'm grateful to all those demanding the truth. How many careers have been destroyed along the way. Stay on course for all those who became before us to preserve the truth.

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