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Good grief! Why would anyone, most especially Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (a former KGB foreign intelligence officer) believe a "finding" from the US "intelligence community"?

You know, the people who were certain that there were WMDs in Iraq 20 years ago. The ones who swore up and down that Russia was colluding with the Trump campaign in 2016. The ones who insisted that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian Disinformation?

Yeah, right.

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One of many reasons the story caught my eye.

The "finding" itself is the typical product that we've seen from the "intelligence community" for years, reminiscent of the laughable "Intelligence Community Assessment" that Putin hacked the 2016 election. There is simply no factual foundation for it.

But the statement that the finding was divulged specifically to influence Putin is truly jawdropping. Unpacking that statement leads to several implied positions of at least the "unnamed source" in the administration: 1) Putin regularly consumes western media; 2) regular diplomatic channels are ineffective (this might actually be true); 3) Putin is "out of touch" with his own country (projection much?); 4) Russia’s top generals are political effetes who are easily swayed by western media criticism (again, projection much?).

Not to mention the credulous inclusion of the statement in the AP story. The Associated Press essentially admitted to allowing the administration to place a news story in order to send a message of some kind to Putin or someone else within the Kremlin hierarchy. It's one thing to understand the corporate media is propaganda, and quite another for the corporate media to brag about being propaganda.

Yet here we are.

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