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Don't they call the start of a recession after we're already past it? I think we entered that territory months ago when the inflation started nailing us and we're just really feeling it now.

Not to get political but what's the Democrats play here going into midterms? Winning against covid doesn't save them. "Banning" Russian oil punishes the working class. Everything Biden and Co is doing seems to be foot on the gas and screw the election because why not.

I guess my point there is... are we even in election season because it doesn't feel like it.

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There is a school of thought that the realities of fiat money printing and other global banking chicanery were the real "cause" of the pandemic.

The sustainability of the current system is no longer tenable.

Max Keiser has been beating this drum for a long while, too.

Dr. Mike Yeadon laid this out pretty well, borrowing heavily on Catherine Austin-Fitts.

It really is a mixed up muddled up shook up world. Feels bleak, Peter. Feels dark.

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