China May Be Getting A Break From Zero COVID Madness

As lunatic as the Zero COVID policy has been and continues to be, there is one hopeful sign for the Middle Kingdom. New cases appear to have peaked in China, and the trend is now heading down.

Now all China has to worry about is a brutal combination of heat and drought shutting down industry in Sichuan province to conserve electricity.

Sichuan, which relies on hydropower to generate 80% its power, on Sunday ordered producers of lithium, fertilisers and other metals to shut plants or curb output amid the worst heatwave in 60 years.

Soaring temperatures and little rain this summer have reduced hydropower generation in the province of 83.75 million people, while also boosting power demand for air conditioning.

China may get some relief from the madness of Zero COVID, but there is no relief in sight from their ongoing economic collapse.