I wouldn't trust any statistics from China. If there are increased hospitalizations maybe it's partially because people get scared when they have a positive PCR test and reflexively feel that going to the hospital is the best course of action (not to mention being told to go by public health officials merely on the basis of these bogus "positive" tests). But more probable is what has been going on in China for years: massive cases of respiratory illness due to environmental poisoning (e.g. air pollution). The illness can be any variation of a serious respiratory illness always ascribed to "Covid" and nothing else. This way the government can deflect people from examining the real causes of illness by repackaging it as something caused by a deadly "killer" virus.

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In Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou at least among the working population we see no evidence at all of anyone suffering from an obvious symptomatic "reinfection". On the contrary, sick leave numbers have been extremely low since the start of 2023. I guess 3% is not so much, but I am not aware of a single case, either from those who were infected in the spring of 2022 or from those who did their time in December.

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