China's Economy Is Shrinking. Will Its Harvests Do Likewise?

China's voracious appetite goes beyond industrial commodities. With the world's largest population, food insecurity is a persistent problem in China, one that appears to be getting worse in 2022.

In the face of rising food-security challenges, realising just a 1 per cent rise in this summer’s wheat harvest from last year’s record-high level came at a massive cost to the central government, local governments and hundreds of millions of farmers, according to Thursday’s commentary in the official Economic Daily newspaper.

“This also shows that it is becoming more and more difficult for our country to increase grain output,” the piece warned while also saying that “reducing grain loss and waste is equivalent to increasing grain production”.

In China, as everywhere else, economic crisis has a disturbing tendency to become a food insecurity crisis as well. Prosperity is not just a full purse, but a full belly as well.