Chinese College Students Are Under Permanent "House Arrest"

Imagine going to school in a prison (no, your high school memories do not count).

Students attending university in China will not have to imagine, as that is exactly what awaits them, with many colleges are perpetuating Shanghai-style lockdowns as part of China’s Zero COVID protocols.

At the Jiaying University in southern Guangdong province, students are being barred from leaving the campus even on weekends, according to Zhong Yurou, an undergraduate student. She said the restrictions have wiped out almost all of their entertainment activities.

“We will have no delicious meals, no movies, and no other entertainment on weekends since none of these will constitute a proper reason for leaving the campus,” she said.

Zero COVID rules mean zero quality of life—even as there is zero hope of actually curtailing the spread of COVID within these schools.

Sophocles (not Euripedes) wrote in his play Antigone “Whom gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Xi Jinping, with his unbending insistence on Zero COVID, is quite mad, much to China’s eternal misfortune.