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Will this "rabbit" keep Dems in control of the Senate?

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Excellent question.

That's hard to say. The rail strike threat has never been exactly front page news except sporadically, so while an eleventh-hour agreement is a definite political win for the Biden Regime, it's debatable how much of a win it is.

A minor political win 60 days out from elections that accrues more to the White House than to the Senate might not change the Senate races all that much.

Perhaps the best way to assess how this helps the Democrats in the midterms is that it keeps the elections still in play. Had the strike happened the Democrats likely would have gotten spanked come November in an absolutely epic red wave.

Powell is still flailing and floundering in his efforts to corral inflation, and with a few trains canceled and rerouted in anticipation of the strike I am doubtful if a major improvement on the inflation front is coming for September.

Supply chains are still broken.

Labor markets are still toxic.

How much of a red wave there will be is up in the air, but as the Democrats can't lose a single vote in the Senate, for them to hang on during a mid-term election seems unlikely.

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