Adenovirus vector vaccines use pretty much the same parlor trick that mRNA vaccines do; they both turn your own cells into antigen factories, and in this case, the antigen is the SARS-COV2 spike protein. This intrinsically causes an auto-immune reaction; a functional immune system will attack the cells that are producing and expressing that protein. Neither of these technologies has ever been widely tested in humans before, and it simply wasn't known what the effect they would have on the immune system. Then there's the fact that the spike protein itself is toxic.

Anyway, the fact that Russia is having a bad flu season in spite of the fact that they didn't make extensive use or mRNA vaccines does not clear mRNA vaccines of the charge that they depress the immune system. In order to get a good handle on whether the these vaccines have had a negative effect on immunity against other diseases, we'd have to compare overall vaccination rates in various countries/regions rather than focusing on the type of vaccine used.

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Dec 18, 2022Liked by Peter Nayland Kust

One tactic they use as part of keeping fear up is to scream about 'over capacity' in hospitals. 'Take your shots' to not 'overwhelm the system' as if this is all new.

Except, it's 40 years since I've been hearing the same old story. Every flu season, the news reports how hospitals are 'stretched' to 'breaking point'' going back to when I was a kid.

This is why I find it odd when people (especially those older than me) repeat this propaganda. Whenever I point this fact out, you can see the hamster starting to run in their brains to get it working. Alas, sometimes I get a 'yeh well this is different!' response. Sure, it is. Sure.

It's not unusual to see hospitals with a capacity as high as 140%. All throughout Covid we monitored the capacity figures and they never really went beyond what was a normal flu season. Given the sheer panic, you would have thought to see capacity at well above 200% but it never did. At one point, the average capacity was 80% for all hospitals in Quebec in 2020!

It's no different this time around. And with RSV it's intense for a short period and off it goes. Sounds like this year's strain of the flu is vicious but, again, nothing we're not used to.

The elephant in the room? The second-rate public health system. No one talks about that. Heaven forbid. In Canada, it's so bad, they encourage MAIDS and for you to boost away.

What's the saying? Everything within the public health system, nothing outside the public health system, nothing against the public health system.

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Hypnotic suggestion plus subliminal messaging imbedded in mainstream media "programming" 24/7. It's the only explanation that makes sense given that so many intelligent, normally-thinking people have had all their mental facilities overridden by such patently stupid messages that conflict with their established belief systems. Not watching tellLIEvision or listening to legacy propaganda sources was the lowest common denominator that I've found in anyone who smelled a rat slinking out the gate in early 2020. And that includes Faux "news".

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