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ah the wastewater....good to know the source of the samples.....we are not talking about it, but I would think the spike protein also comes out in the urine...(yep, it seems to be true)...so with that we are putting it into the sewage as well. All the animals that use that water are then subject to spikeopathy. Just sayin. Also I am from Macomb County, it is full of small waterways at the wet times of the year. I will never hear it mentioned of again, likely, so i had to comment. Michigan is a beautiful place in places.

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Michigan is a beautiful state. Passed through it a few times over the years.

Wastewater surveillance is actually quite a conventional technology and a natural progression from the origins of epidemiology. It has been used to monitor for a variety of viral pathogens, including enteraviruses such as poliovirus. It's also been known ssince the early days of the pandemic that SARS-CoV-2 was shed fecally--and that is to be expected because a number of infectious respiratory pathogens are shed that way (including the original SARS virus, for which fecal-oral transmission was suspected in housing complex in Hong Kong during that outbreak in 2003).

Public health officials have always had access to this form of disease surveillance, along with syndromic surveillance, both of which are far superior for epidemiological monitoring of infectious disease. Yet here we are, two years into the pandemic, and the "experts" are just getting around these proven surveillance approaches.

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