Exactly Who Is Breaking The Law At The Ambassador Bridge?

Every once in while, the Associated Press slips up and lets an important fact slip through the barrage of propaganda. Case in point this paragraph in their latest missive on the Ambassador Bridge Blockade (emphasis mine) :

Early Saturday evening, crews lined concrete traffic barricades between behind a line of police officers that stretched across the main highway leading to the foot of the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor. Officers later withdrew behind the barricades which separated them from protesters. Barricades also were placed along some side streets. Police vehicles had been parked at those streets, preventing motor vehicles from entering the highway.

I won't claim to be an expert on Canadian law, but I do know a thing or two about physics. I know, for example, that concrete barricades across a highway block said highway. Which means the traffic across the Ambassador Bridge is being stopped by the Windsor Police rather than the Freedom Convoy.

Justin Trudeau, Canada's wannabe dictator and currently Prime-Minister-in-hiding, says the protest on the Ambassador Bridge is breaking the law. How is that possible when it's apparently the police who are stopping traffic?