Falling Rice Yields Mean Rising Hunger

Rice is the grain which quite literally feeds half of humanity. However, soaring fertilizer costs is translating into smaller crop yields, less rice output, and, for the half of humanity rice feeds, more hunger.

A principal cause of the spike in fertilizer costs has been the Ukrainian War and its attendant disruption of Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian fertilizer exports--and all three are among the world's top producers of chemical fertilizers.

Coming on the pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions which were already pushing costs up, the projected drop in crop yields means hunger and even famine are likely occurrences very soon in several parts of the world.

Pestilence (COVID-19), War (Ukraine), and Famine. All leading to the presence of the Fourth Horseman, Death.

When biblical allusions become appropriate metaphors, be afraid. Be very afraid.