There are a couple of options. They may not be ideal, but this is in no way an ideal situation.

Homemade formula. Lots of babies survived on this and lived long lives. It's a thing.

Breastmilk banks/kind, lactating friends and neighbours, and milk banks

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May 14, 2022Liked by Peter Nayland Kust

Infant Formula was chosen over breastfeeding due to marketing, lies, propaganda and doctors" getting kickbacks....gee, what else does that sound like...it was sold under the guise of safe and effective and convenient.....

"US Infant Formula Marketing: From Past to Present

When infant formula was introduced to the USA in the late 1860s, manufacturers advertised their new product directly to consumers in women’s magazines. Advertisements implied that babies needed more than just breast milk to achieve optimal health and nourishment, and they emphasized how closely formula approximated breast milk’s chemical composition. As is still done today, formula companies attracted new customers with free samples and information on infant feeding and care.

From the early twentieth century until the late 1980s, most formula companies abandoned direct-to-consumer advertising and used the medical community as their sole advertising vehicle. In lieu of directions on how to prepare the formula and recommended dosages, formula package instructions advised mothers to obtain formula feeding guidance at regular doctor visits—yielding a steady flow of income for physicians. Formula companies further engendered physicians’ goodwill by sponsoring scientific conferences and research on infant nutrition. Doctors retained their role as undisputed advisors on infant health and feeding while simultaneously providing product referrals for formula purchase and serving as an advertising source of unparalleled credibility." Read it and weep.....


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May 13, 2022Liked by Peter Nayland Kust

Goats milk. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐. Mmmmmm. I feel sorriest for the many babies out there with severe allergies to everything thanks to the chemical pollution and over vaccination killing or maiming their tiny immune systems. I wonder if any of those babies who were affected by these supposed formula caused illnesses were immunized for Covid in utero against all rational reasons not to do so thereby invalidating their immune systems.

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