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Not sure where Sundance got it.

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And I'm all out of bubble gum, too!

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You bring up a fantastic dilemma, PNK.

Do you recall when we had that discussion about Go Fund Me? And I said that Silicon Valley is an arm of the fascism...that's how they just freeze funds. They have the backing of the gov't.

Same way that Kanadian doc is jabbing infants.

The old model is obsolete.

Just like the old model of Operation Mockingbird is obsolete. They don't have to pretend any more.

Of course they can hide out in plain sight. Just like the WEF tells us exactly what they are going to do and Klaus crows about "penetrating the Cabinets".

The Swamp may be stupid, but that's not the reasoning, a misstep.

They just think that there is nothing anybody can do about it.

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I said earlier, the 2cnd Amendment means they don't have a "monopoly on violence."

That is why it is their biggest problem.

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The collusion and corruption between Big Tech and Big Government is sadly all too well documented.

Yet this is a distinctly different level of corruption.

Perkins Coie is potentially violating its clients' attorney-client privilege with this arrangement.

Not only does the FBI potentially jeopardize potential trials involving Perkins Coie clients, Perkins Coie itself could be precluded from representing any of its clients in either criminal or even civil regulatory proceedings.

This is looking like a cheap imitation of the John Grisham legal thriller "The Firm", with the Deep State standing in for the mob.

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"the FBI potentially jeopardize potential trials involving Perkins Coie clients"

Bug? Or feature?

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Good question.

I actually tend to lean towards bug because having any criminal case get blown out of the water because of a stupid ethical lapse wouldn't help the FBI. Even if we start with the premise of a corrupt and compromised FBI, it seems unlikely that front-line agents and lawyers are going to willingly humiliate themselves systemically.

This FBI "workspace" is a systemic compromise of the FBI's credibility as an investigative agency (what little credibility it has at this point).. This is someone or several someones likely not thinking through all the ramifications of an action.

However, we should also note that this is yet another instance of the Swamp not taking flyover country and freethinkers seriously. They really believe we are a "fringe minority", when in fact we may very well be a rather silent (and becoming less silent) majority. In their eyes, our view of them is meaningless, and so they ignore the ethics of the situation.

However, there is a risk for them even if we are just a "fringe minority". In the wake of the very likely tainted Sussman trial and its exercise in jury nullification, people are more convinced than ever that the government has become the committed enemy of the people.

The last time we saw this level of certitude in government malevolence was November and December of 1860. What followed was the bloodiest conflict the US has ever experienced (including WW1 and WW2).

The scary part is I don't think the Swamp Rats see that as a real possibility. That level of disbelief makes civil war more of a probability.

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