Apparently, unlike little children, Pfizer’s mRNA “vaccine” really likes liver!

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One of the best summaries of the study, the implications, and falsehoods from the "fact checkers" I've seen. Two follow up points:

Not only does the body have the "machinery" to facilitate reverse transcription and integration (LINE-1), but the vaccine specifically upregulates its expression as shown in the study. This is mind-boggling to me. Why is it happening, was something added to the vaccine to cause it? How could the vax manufactures and the FDA not have known this?

The mRNA from the vaccine isn't quickly degraded because Moderna and BioNtech specifically altered it to stabilize it. They state this clearly in publicly available information, it's not a secret. They claim it was needed to ensure safe passage into the cell (which sounds plausible). But the result is that vax mRNA has been found in lymph tissue 60 days post-vax. It most certainly is not quickly degraded (hours) like normal mRNA, and the vax developers knew it.

So two huge points put forward by pharma's apologists are not only false, but they are specifically negated by the vaccine's actions itself. It's hard not to see a higher agenda at work here.

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