How Far Is Too Far?

Accept for the moment that the US and NATO poked the Russian Bear with their designs on Ukraine.

Accept for the moment that the US orchestrated Maidan Revolution was personally humiliating to Putin.

At what point does Putin's response--the invasion of Ukraine--go “too far”? At what point should other nations say “No”?

With the Kremlin increasingly isolated by tough economic sanctions that have tanked the ruble currency, Russian troops advanced on Ukraine’s two biggest cities. In strategic Kharkiv, an eastern city with a population of about 1.5 million, videos posted online showed explosions hitting the region's Soviet-era administrative building and residential areas. A maternity ward relocated to a shelter amid shelling.

Is targeting civilians who have done nothing against Putin or Russia too far? Is the use of thermobaric weapons against civilian targets too far?

Where does the line get drawn?