Here's something I didn't know about...There are 8 bioweapons labs in Ukraine run by Fauci's EcoHealth Alliance. Hmmmmm..... https://strangesounds.org/2022/02/us-embassy-just-removed-all-their-ukraine-bioweapon-lab-documents-from-the-website-here-they-are.html

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I generally don't like to link Sorcha Faal as the site can get quite crazy. In this case, however, the many links provide a solid basis for the information provided. Some tasty food for thought here:


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Apparently the administrative building was going to be used as a recruiting centre by the Azov battalion (with recruitment to begin at 10 am that day; the strike occurred at around 8 am).

One should be very wary of news sources that don't even attempt to give context. For instance, the report given about that strike is entirely context free:

"In Kharkiv, with a population of about 1.5 million, at least six people were killed when the region’s Soviet-era administrative building on Freedom Square was hit with what was believed to be a missile."

So far so good, this is all factual.

"The attack on Freedom Square — Ukraine’s largest plaza, and the nucleus of public life in the city — was seen by many Ukrainians as brazen evidence that the Russian invasion wasn’t just about hitting military targets but also about breaking their spirits."

Here we now have opinions and imputed motives. Which frankly seems more poetic than reasoned. Missiles and bombs aren't free (and are getting more expensive given the financial rollercoaster the Russian economy is riding on right now). There are still Ukrainian military formations out there actively engaging in combat, and so a missile is used to....break the spirits of the population? Sorry, but this sounds like folks having watched far too many London Blitz documentaries without even remembering that initially the Germans did NOT set out to break the spirit of civilian population directly by just bombing cities generally but rather to break the British military by bombing airfields and industrial targets (the latter of course being in cities and being the subject of poor targeting data on top of that). So now the assumption is that unless a military vehicle is hit, any strike must therefore have had no military component to it.

"The bombardment blew out windows and walls of buildings that ring the massive square, which was piled high with debris and dust. Inside one building, chunks of plaster were scattered, and doors, ripped from their hinges, lay across hallways.

“People are under the ruins. We have pulled out bodies,” said Yevhen Vasylenko, an emergency official. "

Also, quite true and factual and most importantly, very very tragic.

Should the strike on that building have occurred? Absolutely not. Was it about wanton destruction on civilian targets only? That MAY not be as clear cut as the AP story would imply.

But then again, why we aren't more sceptical of the news as provided to us after the circus that was covid-19 news, I don't know. When you had stories from MSM agencies (like Reuters and AP) quoting vaccine researchers in early 2020 as saying we don't know how long natural immunity will last or even if we can develop natural immunity (a shocking question given the decades of research into how immunity actually works), but who are STILL suggesting that "this is why a vaccine is needed", well one just knew the media had lost what little critical thinking skills they possessed. After all, if we can't develop natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 or such immunity may not last long, how exactly were they expecting a vaccine to work? By magic?

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Not trying to hijack your thread, Peter...but more complete context is required to understand the situation. 'Drawing lines' here implies belief in the Western narrative of Russia bad/Russia losing and I'm as convinced of that as I am that COVID is gonna kill everybody.

Here's a very thorough piece by David Stockman: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2022/03/david-stockman/the-land-where-history-died-part-1/

PCR thinks that Russia didn't act decisively enough... https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2022/02/27/a-quick-decisive-victory-can-prevent-a-wider-war/ ...and offers this update: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2022/03/01/ukraine-update-3/

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From 'The Saker' today...

....please at least try to understand the following points:

First, the Russians do not see Ukrainian as Hadjis but as their own brothers.

Second many/most LDNR soliders have relatives in the Nazi occupied Ukraine.

Third, yes, Russia can turn any Ukrainian city into Fallujah, but who do you think will then have to pay for its reconstruction?

Fourth, please understand that the double goals of 1) denazification and 2) disarmament implies that any person which is not a Nazi or is not armed and hostile is not, repeat, NOT the target of the Russian armed forces.

Fifth, the Ukie military was 80% defeated on Day 1. Get that? It was gone as a coherent fighting force. THAT is why they are blowing up bridges, distributing weapons and releasing convicted criminals. NOT because they are winning! I mean – how stupid are you if you believe that? Ukie stupid?


Right now you are the object of probably the biggest PSYOP operation in history. If you realize that and treat these PSYOPs as you should, that is as “informational warfare from the bad guys” you will be able to tell your kind and grandkids “I never believed that crap”. Good for you!


Note: I dispute Saker's claim that the Ukrainian war is the biggest psyop in history. That dubious accolade is held by the COVID fraud. Remember COVID? Pushed right off the news cycle...gone...done.

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Are the Russians really targeting civilians or is that US/Ukie propaganda? "Western intelligence sources Saturday morning judged that since Russian forces’ advance lagged behind planning and had so far failed to capture Kiev, President Vladimir Putin had decided to escalate the operation with the heaviest weapon deployed by his army, short of a nuclear warhead."

Western intelligence sources? Ahem.

More fearmongering, 'Russia is losing' propaganda. It's just too obvious.


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