If Hospitals Are Full, Why Does HHS Not Know About It?

Another questionable “hospital full" story.

Antonios “Tony” Tsantinis, 68, of East Brookfield died Dec. 10. He had fallen ill just after Thanksgiving and his longtime companion, Angela DiUlio, was sick, too. During a trip to the emergency room, they both tested positive for COVID-19.

They posted on social media Nov. 30, letting people know their business Athens Pizza would be closed, a rare event, due to their positive tests. 

Tsantinis was admitted to a hospital in Southbridge after his daughter, Rona Tsantinis-Roy, realized he had become a lot sicker. He needed additional care that the hospital was unable to provide and a search ensued for an available hospital bed.

"They called every hospital within 75 miles," Tsantinis-Roy said, adding that by the time there was a spot for him at a Connecticut hospital, he was too sick to be transferred.

Yet, according to the HHS data, Massachusetts has never been out of available ICU beds.

The data does not reconcile with the narrative.