Yup. I'm 63. I own a business. I have *substantial* retirement savings, but they won't last 20 years with 8-10% annual inflation.

PS: There's no way to LIKE this post on this page as currently rendered. I had to go back to the e-mail and do it from there.

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Oct 26, 2022·edited Oct 26, 2022Author

Hmmm.....that's odd. It is published the same as I've always done. There shouldn't be anything different in the rendering.

Apparently if I publish an article as a "thread" rather than as a "post" the like button (and also the "edit" option for me, I've just discovered) disappears.

I don't see a settings option that would cover that behavior. I've turned in a support request to see if there's an explanation for the anomaly. Thanks for the heads up!

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