Is A Backbench Rebellion Brewing Against Trudeau?

A Liberal MP from Quebec, Jöel Lightbound, held a press conference to criticize Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's COVID policies, and said the Freedom Convoy truckers need to be heard.

In his press conference, Lightbound did say that it was time for the convoy to disperse from the nation's capital, but also acknowledged the class divide playing out on the streets of Ottawa.

“Some seem to forget that isolation is felt differently. Not everyone can still earn money using their MacBook while at the cottage. Some are suffering in silence and feel like they're not heard."

Lightbound also indicated others in the Liberal Party were less than pleased with Trudeau and his mandates. This raises the question of Trudeau's support within his own party; Canada's Westminster-style Parliament means that Trudeau is Prime Minister only as long as he can lead his party. With Trudeau already leading a minority government, any sizable defection of the Liberal rank and file in Parliament could trigger a no-confidence motion which would topple the Trudeau government.

It is too soon to say with certainty that this will happening, but it is remarkable for a sitting Prime Minister to face public criticism from within his own party. The nature of parliamentary systems discourages that sort of disunity.

Also, my earlier posting about the Ottawa Police returning fuel might be inaccurate. While that is what is circulating through several alternative media sites, neither True North nor Rebel News, two news services with an on the ground presence in Ottawa, have picked up on that story.

What does appear to be the case is that the truckers are being resupplied, and the Ottawa Police prohibition against “material support” is being substantially ignored, while a protest against the Ottawa Police prohibition—ordinary people carrying Jerry cans in open defiance of the ban--is taking place.

Certainly the rights of Canadians to peaceful protest still exist under the law.