Is China About To Unleash COVID-22?

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Virologists in Wuhan just happened to discover another fearsome coronavirus.

A team of Chinese scientists from Wuhan have discovered a new strain of coronavirus that they fear could make the jump from animals to humans. Shortly after another team of Chinese scientists published new research claiming that the omicron strain may have gestated inside mice, this other team has warned about the "potential bio-safety threat" represented by a new strain of COVID.

The team of researchers from Wuhan University claimed to have "unexpectedly" stumbled upon the new strain, which they're calling "the NeoCoV strain" (should it become a serious enough threat to warrant a "variant of concern" label, the WHO will grant the mutant strain a new Greek letter name).

In a twist that will shock absolutely no one, this new variant is a close relative to Omicron. Yes, really.

The one thing we know for certain from this announcement: China is still mucking around with bat coronaviruses which magically find ways to infect people.

Total lessons learned from COVID-19: ZERO.