Is Doug Ford Playing Both Sides Of The Canadian Revolution?

Update: just to add to the confusion, we now have video of Ford declaring a state of emergency over the Freedom Convoy;

What is going on here?

Doug Ford is privately telling his supporters one thing and publicly declaring a state of emergency.

"Public" and "Private" positions anyone?

Yesterday we saw Doug Ford and the Ontario Attorney General petition the courts (apparently successfully) to freeze the GiveSendGo funds.

Today we are gifted with presumably “leaked” audio of Doug Ford planning to end the vaccine passports for the province.

Doug Ford, the embattled Ontario premier, telephoned supporters on Thursday letting them know that on Friday he will announce that he is abandoning the province’s vaccine passport scheme, and that he will provide more details on Monday.

Premier Ford is obviously no friend of the Freedom Convoy, but perhaps he's seen the handwriting on the wall? Perhaps he doesn't want to be on the wrong side of the Canadian Color Revolution?

The world wonders….