PNK, their economic problems are nothing compared to their total military inferiority to the former Soviet strategic weapons, to say nothing of what the Russian Federation has accrued since then in quantity and capability and technical capability.

Judge Russia by it's performance in Ukraine they say.

Didn't we see much the same "performance" in Grozny, and now the Chechen soldiers are dying for Russia, in Ukraine.

I know you may disagree, but the cards are all starting to add up and it looks particularly dangerous for the West, whatever that is now.

Boy, I do feel you have some good instincts on this economic slide, clearly the most important part of all. Europe is done with this leadership, can Italy survive? Doubtful, but maybe they will sell the rest of the way out to the Chinese.

You know Porsche dropped out of the Red Bull purchase plan, but a Chinese owned Ferrari could make them a deal they couldn't refuse!

I'm glad you are able to admirably wrap your head around this!

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Sep 25, 2022·edited Sep 25, 2022

As an Italian, I see this as a further polarization and amplification of divide and conquer which benefits empire manipulation, yet again, to stretch the use of petrodollar as looting currency. I must add Forza Italia is big on marketing on working with Russia, but like many centrist -- WEF aligned parties, it does not have the skillset to put that into practice, just as Northern league..... tons of money for divide and conquer PR though!

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The European leadership has proven time and time again that they are buffoons. They never learn from their mistakes and instead double-down on them. Case in point is their response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. They still haven't learned that sanctioning large, resource-producing countries such as Russia is not the same as sanctioning small countries like North Korea. That comes with real repercussions that are difficult to control. Likewise, they are unable to see that threatening a large country and economy such as Italy is vastly different than threatening a smaller country like Hungary. They think they know how to control Italy, but they are incapable of seeing beyond the first step. The EU is an abomination. I don't see how it can last much longer in its current form.

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Humans as a whole are more prosperous when they atomize rather than unify. There has long been a fascination with the power of unifying, but that power is almost always misguided. All "unions" should disband: EU, US, UN.....

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