Is Germany Committing Political Suicide?

The madness of the modern political economy is truly breathtaking to behold, and it is on full display in Germany.

Facing severe energy shortages this coming winter, Germany is already preparing stringent energy conservation measures, in an effort to build stockpiles of natural gas ahead of time. Buildings will not be heated above 66°F this winter and citizens are being told to cut energy consumption by a draconian 20%.

Needless to say, this is not expected to go over well, and German government is reported to be preparing for mass protests and civil unrest.

Kramer said that officials were bracing for protests over "gas shortages, energy problems, supply difficulties, possible recession, unemployment, but also the growing poverty right up to the middle class," adding that "extremists" which include "lateral thinkers" who rallied against pandemic lockdowns, and 'right-wing activists' who have been stirring the post over social media, could be at the heart of them.

The perversity of the situation is that it is entirely a self-inflicted wound. Having for years neglected its own energy infrastructure, Germany allowed itself to become dependent on Russian natural gas exports, and then waded into the Russo-Ukrainian War unprepared. This shortage is entirely driven by politics.

Can the German government survive a self-inflicted winter of discontent?