Is Something Happening To The Canadian Banking System?

The Twitterverse is carrying unconfirmed reports of mass outages affecting all five of Canada's major banks.

This is coming on the heels of the Trudeau Regime's directives to the banks to freeze (expropriate?) bank accounts of people allegedly associated with the Freedom Convoy.

The bank account seizures are not pursuant to any court order or other judicial process. On the contrary, the government edict explicitly gives the banks blanket immunity for any account seizures.

No proceedings under the Emergencies Act and no civil proceedings lie against an entity for complying with this Order.

This is as undemocratic a process as can be imagined.

Addendum: The Gateway Pundit is carrying additional tweeted reports of bank outages in Canada. There appear to be no official statements from the banks themselves on what is happening.

The CBC is reporting on the account seizures but so far I have seen no reports on outages. The CBC's most recent published timeline of events regarding the Freedom Convoy makes no mention of bank outages.

Addendum 2:

ZeroHedge is providing further details on the apparent bank outages in Canada last night. It does appear that there was indeed concurrent outages involving Canada's five major banks.

There also is internet activity showing Canadians are very interested (fearful?) in the possibility of a bank run in the aftermath of the government's sweeping account seizure order.

Bank runs. Bank outages. Fascistic crackdowns and confiscations.

The Canadian Revolution is getting hotter. Is violence imminent?

You can push the people only so far before they push back. Governments don't generally last long once that happens.