Is The RCMP Actually Proud Of Being Thugs?

Update: The RCMP appears to confirm that the text messages are indeed authentic.

The RCMP is aware of the material circulating on social media pertaining to a chat group that includes some of its members, and we can confirm that we are looking into the matter. This material is not representative of those who have committed themselves to serving Canadians with integrity and professionalism.

Rebel News has come into leaked text messeges allegedly between RCMP officers bragging about violating Canadians fundamental rights during the sbu

In what appear to be authentic screenshots of the RCMP Musical Ride team currently in Ottawa to assist in the crackdown on peaceful protesters in the capital city, members brag about using brutal force.

Over the last 24 hours in Ottawa, police have deployed pepper spray and canisters on demonstrators, arrested dozens and trampled two people with horses.

If these messages are authentic, the RCMP has some explaining to do. And some apologies to make.

At a minimum, they need to address these messages.

The police brutality on display in Ottawa demands a reckoning.