Is Ukraine Fighting Back Or Capitulating?

Murad Gazdiev of RT (a Russia-based media outlet) is reporting the Russian forces are seeing “mass desertion” among the Ukrainian military.

Separately, there is video footage showing the Ukrainian port city of Odessa under apparent attack.

There is also reporting of Russian forces landing in Odessa, which would seem to indicate the Ukrainian navy did little to defend its base at Odessa.

It should be noted that both Odessa and Kharkiv are outside the Donbass, the region Putin has claimed he is trying to protect. Kharkiv is near the Donbass region, but still outside of it.

Meanwhile, Ragip Solyu of Middle East Eye tweeted out an image of a tweet in Ukrainian from Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov seeking volunteers for the Ukrainian military.

Whether Reznikov is Ukraine’s version of Baghdad Bob remains to be seen.