Israel Was Pfizer's "Lab". Here's How That Went

Last fall, Pfizer’s Chief Scientific Officer referred to Israel as a “laboratory” for their COVID-19 vaccine.

"Early in the pandemic we established a relationship with the Israeli Ministry of Health where they used exclusively the Pfizer vaccine and then monitored it very closely, so we had a sort of laboratory where we could see the effect (of the vaccine)," said Philip Dormitzer, Pfizer's Chief Scientific Officer, at the conference, later aired Friday by Channel 12.

Israel not only went more or less all in on Pfizer early on, but they have kept good records throughout the pandemic, giving the world a non-Pfizer sanitized view of the “lab” results:

Israel jumped on the vaccine bandwagon early and with both feet:

Here’s how test positivity fared before and after the vaccine campaigns began:

How has Israel fared against COVID-19 thanks to the Pfizer shot? Here is the daily case count from day 1 of the pandemic:

And how well did Pfizer’s vaccine do in keeping people from dying? Judge for yourself:

Was Pfizer’s shot worth it? You tell me.