Most COVID-19 Cases In Minnesota Are Among The Vaccinated

More than half of all COVID-19 cases in Minnesota during December were among the vaccinated. At least a third of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths were among the vaccinated. Yet the “experts” want you to believe the vaccines are doing what they are meant to do, which is preventing severe COVID-19.

“The vaccines were initially designed and continue to do an excellent job at preventing severe disease — keeping people out of the hospital, keeping them out of the ICU and keeping them from dying,” said Dr. John O’Horo, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases expert. “I think we have lost focus on what vaccines are designed to do, which is make this disease manageable.”

What a complete load of horse hockey. As I have documented previously (and I am not the only one), these vaccines were supposed to stop COVID-19 in its tracks. The vaccines were meant to “crush” the virus, and have failed miserably. The case data proves that daily.

Dr, John O'Horo is lying through his teeth.