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He has no comprehension of the harm his agency has done. Nor, does he care. Why should he? What difference does it make? None of these people ever get fired or are in anyway affected by their stupid decisions.

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There's 2 ways to look at this problem either is likely. 1. He knew and told them to wait on the follow-up inspection. Possibly at the behest of a higher government official. 2. He wasn't in the loop, because, "Why bother the boss with such non-sense," and the lower high muckity-mucks decided on their own, or at the behest of a high government official to let it ride until the heat rose.

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...but let's trust them about vaccines....assinine.....failing upwards means that no matter how poorly someone performs with one project, the next one he or she will be given will be significantly greater....people wake and rise up!!!

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