Ottawa Cancels Fundamental Rights

What interim Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell had to say about Canadians fundamental rights of association and peaceable assembly (i.e., peaceful demonstration such as the Freedom Convoy, emphasis mine):

Ottawa interem Police Chief Steve Bell: Our message has been pretty clear on that. And, more importantly, ou message from our community and our residents has been pretty clear around that. Do not come to our downtown court. We are tired of what’s been happening there. We’re sick of what’s happening in our streets so leave our area. We will continue with that message this weekend. What you’re seeing is an increased enforcement presence. And we won’t be allowing people to come down for the unlawful activities of engaging in demonstrations.

Under Trudeau's illegal Emergencies Act declaration, the Ottawa Police believe they now have the right to void Canadians’ fundamental rights.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is officially cancelled.