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From the brilliant Chris Hedges:

"Crisis cults require a steady escalation of conflict. This is what made the war in the former Yugoslavia inevitable. Once one stage of conflict reaches a crescendo it loses its efficacy. It must be replaced by ever more brutal and deadly confrontations. The intoxication and addiction to greater and greater levels of violence to purge the society of evil led to genocide in Germany and the former Yugoslavia. We are not immune. It is what Ernst Jünger called a “feast of death.”

These crisis cults are, as Drucker understood, irrational and schizophrenic. They have no coherent ideology. They turn morality upside down. They appeal exclusively to emotions. Burlesque and celebrity culture become politics. Depravity becomes morality. Atrocities and murder become heroism. Crime and fraud become justice. Greed and nepotism become civic virtues."

We are starting to really dance on a cliff here.

edit to add: The reason that I brought this up is that I THINK Hedges points to the point when leadership lose the support of the police that change happens.

This is why I asked you once before about whether the cops are sympathetic to the trucker cause.

We have seen in Europe and Australia that the cops are perfectly willing to go full blown authoritarian in service of power. So anyway, this dynamic with cops (blue collar) and truckers (blue collar) is significant as a harbinger.

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