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Anyone who's been paying attention has known about the correlation between low vitamin D levels and bad Covid outcomes since at least mid 2020. Yes, its only a correlation, but considering how cheap and readily available supplements are, it's absurd that our "public health" officials don't recommend getting one's levels checked and taking corrective action if they're low.

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I am a big fan of Vitamin D3, take it daily, and used a large dose when I and my family members had Covid. I also suntan when I get a chance.

But I also wanted to mention that vitamin D3 deficiency is NOT just due to lack of certain foods. It is an indicator of systemic problems like diabetes, obesity etc.

So correlating D3 with outcomes may miss the realproblem that causes bad outcomes.

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Als Impfverweigerer habe ich von Großmutter ein Rezept, OMI-Korn 60%tig, Viren mögen keinen Alkohol!!!

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