Pfizer Wants To Jab Your Kids

Sadly, it comes as no surprise that Pfizer is pushing forward with seeking FDA approval to administer its highly toxic, medically ineffective mRNA concoction to children.

Pfizer is testing three extra-small doses of its vaccine in children under 5 after two shots didn't prove quite strong enough. Initial results had been expected last month but the company laid out the latest timeline Tuesday during its discussion of quarterly financial results.

Note the insanity here: two jabs didn't work, so let's try three jabs!

This is what passes for “science” within Big Pharma. Seriously.

Meanwhile, both Big Pharma and the FDA want you to ignore the documentary evidence that Pfizer knows its jab is harmful.

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Big Pharma and the FDA want you to ignore the epidemiological data showing the mRNA shots as a group increase incidence of COVID-19.

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They want you to ignore reality and offer up your children in service of their profit margins. That is not an exaggeration.