Propaganda Prevents Peace

It is exceedingly easy (and arguably appropriate) to dismiss the corporate media coverage of Putin's Ukrainian War as blatant propaganda.

Yet we should not overlook the extent to which propaganda is a factor in Russia as well.

Putin's own essay last summer promoted the idea of reintegration of Ukraine into the Russian Federation. Yet this is not the only example of this message. A recent op-ed column on the Russian news agency RIA Novosti also calls for reunification of Ukraine with “Greater Russia”.

The current Ukraine is not just a failed state: from the Russian (as a triune people) point of view, it is not a state at all, but a temporary territorial entity within the boundaries of historical Russia. Accidentally arose - after all, the collapse of the USSR occurred due to the stupidity and mistakes of Moscow, and not Kiev's desire for independence. Has anyone already forgotten about this?

Belarusian President and staunch Putin ally Alexander Lukashenko, in a January 28 address to the Belarusian Parliament, promised that “we will return our Ukraine to the bosom of our Slavs”.

If Putin and his inner circle are promoting Ukraine “reunification” to the Russian people as a reason for this war, how will he explain any failure to achieve that objective?

The war is not merely a contest of arms, but a duel of media narratives. The competing narratives are not helping either side find the pathway to peace in Ukraine.

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