RCMP Confirms Their Officers Are Thugs

Okay, the headline is a wee bit provocative…I'm in a churlish mood at the moment.

Still, the RCMP appears to confirm that the text messages are indeed authentic.

The RCMP is aware of the material circulating on social media pertaining to a chat group that includes some of its members, and we can confirm that we are looking into the matter. This material is not representative of those who have committed themselves to serving Canadians with integrity and professionalism.

As a reminder, these are some of the chat messages RCMP officers exchanged joking about brutalizing the peaceful protesters of the Freedom Convoy demonstration in Ottawa:

The fact remains that RCMP officers have been repeatedly assaulting Canadians and violating their civil rights. Despite what the RCMP would like to believe, these messages are very much in keeping with their officers' conduct in Ottawa.

And this is very much in keeping with the PEACEFUL conduct of the Freedom Convoy.