On a related note, it pains me every time I see good farmland in this country taken out of production to make room for yet another neighborhood or paved over for another 4-lane highway. I have been saying for years that even though we live in a time of plenty (as evidenced by the obesity epidemic), someday we may need that land to produce food just to survive. I'm usually met with blank stares or an amused look in their eyes when I tell this to people. Very few people study history. All they have ever known is plenty. They do not realize that human history is filled with famines.

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At least we won't be alone. We won't have food and they'll, at least, have to pay more.

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In Revelation 6:5-8, Famine is given sway over one fourth of the Earth.

With droughts in Europe, China, the US, and South America, methinks Famine will be overstepping his boundaries just a tad in 2023.

We have Pestilence.

We have War.

We have Famine.

All we need is the Pale Rider (Death) and, as Johnny Cash sung well but not memorably in the 90s, "we're going by the book."

Or, as I am wont to remind folks, the script for the "Great Reset" has been written not by Klaus Schwab but by John The Revelator.

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With War, Famine, and Pestilence on board already, I don't think Death will be far behind.

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