My vote is for miracles, but then I believe in miracles. No belief, no miracle. We need some right about now.

I know it is difficult to observe all that is transpiring, seeing so many of the moving parts at work, and to add up what it is pointing to. It's easier to continue to consider and test different ways of stopping it. And I don't know, but perhaps some of it can be stopped despite the centuries over which this plan has been moving inexorably forward.

Would stopping it then solve the problem, or would it just buy us a little more time? I said "centuries" but in truth this day has been millennia in the making, over which we have been buying time as technology -- in particular -- has continued its advance. When time is up, it's up. After thousands of years of trying things that only helped for a while, maybe it's time to try something different.

Consider that from our history, beginning to end, we may have succeeded in demonstrating conclusively that the root problem is _us_, and that we are incapable of correcting it by ourselves. And pray for miracles. There might be somebody waiting and listening. Wouldn't that be a surprise?

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Jun 2, 2023Liked by Peter Nayland Kust

I have a long list of things I like about Kennedy, and I am indebted to him for writing “The Real Anthony Fauci”. But I will not do anything that would empower the socialist ‘defund the police’ party, so if he got the nomination to be the Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, I could not vote for him. The party elites will never allow him to come to power anyway; his book exposes the entire batch of lies and crimes committed by them during the Covid debacle, which would politically ruin every one of those insiders. I would bet that Kennedy is astute enough to realize that they will ignore him and disparage him until his campaign runs out of money.

So here’s my best-case scenario: his candidacy will lead a few million more citizens to read his book, which will open their eyes, change their minds, and cause them to lend their copies of Kennedy’s book to their friends, and the word will spread. People will then read other books, such as Dr. Malone’s and Dr. Kory’s, and outrage will build. Here’s where my vision gets really pie-in-the-sky - everyone wakes up and chucks the whole corrupt Deep Swamp. So yeah, not likely to entirely happen.But there could be progress, and ultimately - decades from now - vindication!

What could be interesting in this election season is an unexpected event. What if Biden dies before the nomination convention? What if Trump dies, and the full might of the Republicans Party falls to De Santis? What if the Ukrainian situation comes perilously close to nuclear war before the Presidential election? We could certainly still be in for a riveting election year, with everything unpredictable!

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