Russia Going Hat In Hand To China?

File this one under “pics or it didn't happen.”

The US intelligence apparatus (now there's a label laden with irony) wants you to believe that Moscow is asking Beijing for more bullets to shoot at Ukrainians and more support for the ruble to stave off the effects of sanctions.

U.S. officials told the Washington Post and New York Times of the potential arms deal, but did not disclose any details on what type of weaponry had been requested by Russia.

The Times reported that Moscow also requested additional economic support from Beijing, which has become a key ally as much of the world seeks to isolate Russia. 

In the past day, the ruble has strengthened against the yuan by a whopping 0.001%.

This after falling against the yuan by 42.7% over the past month.

Exactly how does this translate into even a token show of support for Russia by China?

The narrative is at odds with the data.