Russia Has Been Booted Off UN Human Rights Council. Will Anybody Care?

While the immediate practical effects of this action by the United Nations against Russia are likely nil, the fact that a majority of the United Nations voted Russia off the Human Rights Council indicates a measure of global disfavor with Putin's invasion of Ukraine, as well as potential war crimes committed along the way.

The vote was 93-24 with 58 abstentions, significantly lower than the vote on two resolutions the assembly adopted last month demanding an immediate cease-fire in Ukraine, withdrawal of all Russian troops and protection for civilians. Both of those resolutions were approved by at least 140 nations.

This vote does not mean Russian forces are provably guilty of war crimes, or even that provable war crimes have been committed. It does, however, indicate the limits of Putin's counter-propaganda efforts to deflect international opprobrium for his Ukrainian misadventure. At a minimum it complicates the eventual re-normalization of Russia once the shooting finally stops.