Russian Media Sanctioned For Fake News

Yes, really.

Britain is sanctioning Russian media for daring to broadcast a pro-Russia, pro-Putin narrative.

The latest group subjected to asset freezes and travel bans includes Rossiya television anchor Sergey Brilev, who previously lived in the U.K., Gazprom-Media chief executive Aleksandr Zharov and Alexey Nikolov, managing director of Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT.

Sanctions have also been slapped on media organizations TV-Novosti, which owns RT, and Rossiya Segodnya, which controls the Sputnik news agency.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said Thursday’s sanctions would hit “the shameless propagandists who push out Putin’s fake news and narratives.”

Given yesterday's bit of equally shameless and contrived anti-Putin fake news, which was essentially admitted as such by the White House, to call these sanctions “ironic” is the epitome of understatement.

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