Science? What Science? These Are Mandates

Canadian news outlet True North filed an “access to information request” (the Canadian version of a Freedom Of Information Act request) seeking to know what documents Quebec has to show a scientific basis for Quebec's vaccine passports and other restrictions targeting the unvaccinated, which are among the harshest in North America.

Even though Quebec’s health ministry considers recently infected unvaccinated workers to have stronger protection from COVID-19 than some people with three vaccine doses, unvaccinated Quebecers remain subject to harsh restrictions due to the province’s vaccine passport program. 

Double standards notwithstanding, the provincial government has no documents showing a scientific basis for the restrictions.

The passports, the mandates, the lockdowns…all based on a lie. In Quebec and everywhere. There is no “science” behind the mandates, just the fascistic hunger for power.

Let's “follow the science” and end the mandates now. All of them. Everywhere.