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It's a shame. We've been visiting the U.S. several times a year since the; late 70s. We haven't visited since this hyperbolic-hysterical reaction began in 2020. We've never gone this long without visiting. Even for a sojourn into Plattsburgh or Burlington for a day. At least once a year my wife joins her close friends and colleagues at conferences for education (they're teachers) in the U.S. She had plans for March but can't. She can't get any vaccine for medical reasons. So people like her - who are neither anti-vaxx or anti-anything - are simply frozen out of society. Worse, they're dehumanized by despicable misinformation spreaders like Justin Trudeau and 'experts' who should know better - and DO know better. Which makes this situation unbeteibale.

That's the whole damn point of informed consent and medical autonomy. People with tricky medical conditions - and there are MILLIONS like that - make decisions with their doctors. The sacredness of the medical-patient privilege was obliterated.

It's jarring as it is appalling as it is astonishing as it is unethical as it is outrageous.

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Vaxxed = Petri dishes for new variants.

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